A Look at The 50s and 60s Most Iconic Heart Throb Women

It’s not hard to look back at the 50s and 60s and get nostalgic. Those were the days right after World War 2 when America was flying high after overcoming a tough start to the century. TV might have been in black-and-white, but life was brighter than it had been in decades.

The stars of that era are still some of the greatest luminaries in the world of film and fashion today. If you ever get a chance to see color photos of these models, actresses, musicians and general luminaries you know for a fact they’d still be turning heads today.

Let’s look at 20 of the most iconic women who came up in this era and left a lasting mark on our world.

1. Audrey Hepburn



This Breakfast at Tiffany’s star came to define the peak of elegance. She had a unique ability to feel like the girl next door and an angel sent down from upon high. It helped that she could crack jokes just as easily as she could strut herself. She brought an intoxicating mix of sweetness and sophistication to the table.

After 50 years since she burst onto the scene you can still find her picture hanging up in the dorms of male and female college students. It helps that she had a style that transcends time. While other actresses from the era might look quaint on a red carpet these days Hepburn could still knock folks dead in her black dress and white pearls.

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