30 Rare Photos Of Humans Untouched By Civilization

We all know there are numerous tribes around the world living far from the modern civilization – but today you can see some of the rare pictures taken on often dangerous expeditions. From Brazil to Australia, brave photographers have captured the unique spirit of the numerous tribal communities around the world.

Come with us on this incredible journey through the world’s most isolated individuals and groups who either don’t even know about the modern civilization or have chosen to live away from it.

You can even visit some of these tribes in their environment; they are friendly with their guests!

1. The Sentinelese



The Sentinelese are a tribe of about 250 people who live on North Sentinel Island, between India and Thailand. It’s hard to learn more about them, because every time the Sentinelese receive a visitor, they greet him with a hail of arrows.

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