27 Instantly Regrettable Tattoos



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Tattoos are permanent. You make them because you want to remember something forever. You want to think about it every time you look yourself in the mirror. But why are then people making so much instantly regrettable tattoos? Sometimes it seems like it is a race of who is going to have the worst made, most useless and terribly wrong tattoo. These people make it easy for us to notice them because they usually make these tragic mistakes on extremely visible spots. Their faces for example. And they make photos of them so the rest of us can see what not to do with our skin.


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1. The scary embryo

Or something. This guy seems like he has a list of bad tattoos all over himself. The real question is: Does he plan on stopping and when? And what is going on his face anyway? What is the concept behind this figure that gently sleeps on his eye? We might never know, but we can just hope he will stop here.

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