25 Hot Fitness Models Working Out

Jennifer Nicole Lee working out wearing a Lethal Weapon T shirt in Miami

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Being a model and posing is no longer reserved for skinny girls. More and more fitness models are becoming very popular, and their healthy attitude towards working out and having a balanced diet plan are very interesting to many people. Men and women are equally impressed by the strength these hotties keep in their bodies. But fitness models know how to use their popularity and they usually do it via social networks like Instagram or Twitter. Healthy tips, video clips of them working out and thousands of photos remind us every day how hard it actually is to stay in shape. But it is sexy too! See our list of 25 hot fitness models working out!


1. Jelena Abbou is a model, personal trainer and a figure competitor! She was born in Serbia and now she lives and works in United States of America. Her dream was to be a fitness model and she achieved it! Jelena loves to work out in gym, which can be concluded by the looks of her muscles. After she won her first competition, Jelena was on the covers of numerous fitness magazines.

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