20 Beautiful US First Ladies Before They Became First Ladies

They say that behind every successful man there’s a strong woman. Since America became a country this saying has helped explain the many strong, inspiring, and beautiful first ladies.

We know most first ladies from the pictures and paintings we have of them in office, but if you’ve ever seen a picture of your mother or grandmother when they were younger you know that people can change quite a bit over the course of their lives.

That’s why we’re going to take a look at 20 of the US First Ladies who looked stunning before they ever stepped a foot in the White House.

1. Jacqueline Kennedy



You might call this choice a cliché but no matter how appealing the idea of bucking the trend might be the beauty and grace of the woman known as Jackie cannot be denied.

America has never had a King or Queen, despite the wishes of certain founding fathers who considered crowning George Washington, but Jackie Kennedy might as well have been our queen. From her early life to old age she was always among the most beautiful and graceful.

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