19 Hilariously Horrific Mirror Photos Fails

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who failed the worst of them all? Well, if we say that these 19 people failed hard when they took a photo of themselves in the mirror, we wouldn’t lie. They really failed hard! People have to know one thing- mirrors are a tricky thing. Yes, it is very helpful and yes, you might think you have a better perspective when you take a selfie in your mirror, but remember that you really have to watch out for the details. Ever heard of the expression “Devil’s in the details”? In this case, the horrific mirror fail is in the detail, or to be more precise, in your mirror!


Source: www.smosh.com

1. This girl should seriously think about her selfie skills after this horrific mirror fail! Or she should at least watch how Kim Kardashian does it or some time. As you can see, she wanted to take a photo of herself while she was sitting on the toilet seat. She was probably thinking: I look so nice with this make up on, let me take a quick selfie while I’m here. And that is how the most of the bad ideas are born- while sitting on the toilet seat and taking selfies.

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