15 Hilarious Classroom Fails

School is great, except for some moments of course. But generally, it’s great. Remember how much fun school was? Avoiding obligations, meeting new friends, spending endless hours outside… It was really a blast. But too many kids and young people at one place can be tiresome sometimes. Sometimes they all get dizzy from the candies and soda’s, and there is not much left to do, except to cause some problems. Classroom fails are therefore very special moments we all need to learn to love more. And the good news is new generations have classroom fails as well. You are not acquainted? Sit down, relax and prepare for the 15 most hilarious classroom fails!

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1. Sad Christmas tree is a common thing to see during the holidays. Because Christmas trees have so many obligations around Christmas (duh), they have no time for school. Unfortunately, in order to have some future after the holidays, Christmas trees need to catch up on their education, before they get replaced with the fake ones with excellent knowledge in French and Arts. This Christmas tree is having a rough time, but we hope everything worked fine for her.

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