15 Celebrities and Their Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Celebrities are just like us, folks. They have pets, they have relationships, and they have to wear ugly sweaters during the holiday season. However, we can’t deny how odd it looks when you see a magical celebrity, wearing a funny sweater with a reindeer. It’s so odd you can’t stop looking. Is that their way to say: We know what you are going through, ordinary people? Are they trying to get closer every Christmas, and only thing we can see in it is a chance to make fun of them? We will probably never know. But what we do know, is that you are going to love this list of celebrities wearing inexplicably ugly sweaters!


Source: www.collegecandy.com

1. What’s cookin’, good lookin’? Oh no, wait, it’s just Robert Pattinson looking like a crazy cat lady from the park. It’s like it’s not enough he wears this marvelously green sweater, but he had to strike a good-aunt pose on top of everything. We cherish the feminine side of every man, but seriously, Robert, the hand on the hip? What would Bella say? Unless that thing you’re cooking is really good, than we’re okay with your decision.

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