10 Hilarious Hidden Jokes in Disney Movies



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Hidden jokes in Disney movies have always been interesting to people. When they didn’t find the scandalous and absolutely inappropriate for children, people laughed at them. These jokes may have occurred as a result of to much time being spent on making frames, or maybe they are there just as special signature of people who created the cartoon in the first place. It is a fact that making a cartoon is not easy at all, it takes a lot of time and talent, and of course good humor. This humor is often represented through these hidden jokes, and this is the list of the most interesting and most scandalous ones.


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1.  It seems like King Triton has something to tell us. This was actually one of the biggest scandals that have occurred with The Little Mermaid. The reason is a large golden penis in the middle of the King Triton’s castle.  According to some stories, the artist found out that he was fired and because of that he drew a penis and notified the press after the VHS was already distributer. So be good to your designers and animators.

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